Mermaid Mama Naturals Coffee

All About Our Coffee

Our amazing natural weight loss coffees not only help you lose weight, naturally, it helps give you the energy you need to get through your day and motivate you to keep moving throughout the day! Our ingredients include,  Organic espresso, organic vanilla bean, organic coffee, organic green tea, organic dandelion root, organic elderberry, organic cinnamon, organic ginger, organic cardamom, organic turmeric.   Our ingredients can help with....


What Makes Our Coffee Different

What makes us different than all the other weight loss coffees? Or coffees in general? We are all about natural weight loss. All of our ingredients are 100% all natural and organic. We use zero fillers and zero toxic ingredients. Our coffee is actually GOOD FOR YOU. You can also pronounce all the ingredients. 

And since you are buying a month's (if you drink one cup a day. Longer if you don't) supply, it turns out to be cheaper than that large brand name coffee that you enjoy several times a week.

Our coffee is so powerful that you only need one cup a day to keep your energy levels up.  

You are going to drink coffee anyway, why not drink a coffee that is good for you, gives you energy, fights inflammation, and you know exactly what you are drinking. 

Our Coffees

Peace Out, Chunk


This coffee is straight and to the point! It is a simple flavor. Add your favorite low calorie all natural creamer and drink your way to health! This blend can launch your natural weight loss journey!

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Killin' It, Vanilla


Our number one selling coffee and for GOOD reason. It is DELICIOUS!!! It is hard to just drink one cup. We combine organic espresso, organic vanilla bean and our proven healthy ingredients in this blend to drink your way to health. 

This blend can help you with your natural weight loss.

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Adios Flabby


Are you READY?!?! We take our Peace Out, Chunk and RAMP IT UP!!! We take our straight forward coffee blend and add Garnicia Cambogia for that extra UMPH of fat burning power. This coffee can help you on your natural weight loss journey!

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Don't Be Basic


Just like the name says, Don't Be Basic! We take our organic vanilla bean coffee mixed with our organic espresso and add garnicia cambogia along with our heaping helping of good for you ingredients. You won't ever find this type of coffee at your local coffee shop. This coffee can help you on your natural weight loss journey, and it is TRULY natural. 

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Rockin' It, Mama


As a  former breastfeeding mama myself, I understand how important it is to keep your energy levels up and stay healthy at the same time. So we created this blend excluding Dandelion root and does not contain the garnicia cambogia. But still packs the power to help you on your natural weight loss while being safe for you and your little.

This coffee blend has a simple taste and has all the healthy components you need to sustain you while giving your little nutrition. 

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Sweet Mama


Oh sweet goodness!!! We take all the yumminess of our Killin' It, Vanilla  blend & remove the dandelion root for our breastfeeding Mamas. But still has all the other necessary elements to what makes our coffee awesome and helps with your natural weight loss journey! It will keep your energy levels up and help you keep going throughout the day. 

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