Mermaid Mama Naturals Deep Cleaning Carpet Solution

All About This Awesome Cleaner!

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Have Pets? Kids? Spouse? Like to occasionally (or more often than not) eat on your couch? Or for some unknown reason have a house that came with carpet in the dining room?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Then you NEED our butt kicking stain removing carpet cleaner! Not ONLY does it remove stains, it also deep cleans by removing dirt, pet odors, pet urine all while deodorizing and safely BUT effectively sanitizing your carpet.

No need to clear your whole house out while some OVER PRICED carpet cleaning company comes in to do what you can do yourself!  Best of all, as soon as your carpets are dry, you may resume life on them. No harsh chemicals that can be unsafe for you, your children or pets. 

You simply add our solution to odd water and VOILA! Clean, sanitized and AMAZING smelling carpets. Solutions are 100% Organic & All Natural. 


Comes in 3 amazing all natural aromas and even an unscented one. 

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