Hello Future Pod Family Member! We are so glad you have joined us here and are interested in joining our Pod!

Here is what is so GREAT about being a Mermaid Mama Rep:
1. You get 25% of the sales price (before tax and shipping) of any customer that places an order using your name.

2. You can use that 25% off to get yourself a pair of leggings as well!

3. You get paid EVERY Monday Via Paypal.

4. Sell a product, that literally SELLS itself!

5. It is NOT required to keep inventory.

6. It is NOT required have to have a party.

7. There are no quotas

8. You only have to pay the $40 Rep package once!

9. Affiliate Package includes:
*One Pair of Leggings of YOUR Choice
     *Personalized Business Cards
*Mermaid Mama Tote Bag (When they become available)
10. Renewal fee of just $15.00
11. If you sell $200 a year, your renewal fee will be waived (that is only 1, ONE legging a month!)
12. You will receive $5 for every Rep you refer and that is approved.
13. You will be added to a support group, that will include pictures of all the inventory, any sales, current promos, current inventory (sold out, low stock, restock), pictures you can use, ideas for contest and so much more! You can also ask questions freely!

If this sounds good to you, then you are ready to become a Rep! Click here to order your Rep Package.

*Please note, you cannot be approved, until you sign the contract and agree to adhere to it. If in the unlikely event, your application isn’t approved due to failure to sign the contract in a timely manner or if there is an over saturation of Reps currently in your area, you will have the option to cancel and be refunded OR be put on the current wait list for your area. If you are placed on the wait list, your Anniversary/Contract date will not start until you are approved.