• **PRE-ORDER** Pin Up Corset Front Leggings/Pants


    <3       Lace-up Ribbon Tie Eyelet Button Corset Designed Pants. 

    <3 Elastic band Around the Waist. 
     Be Stylish & Flatten Your Tummy! 
    <3 Colors: Black & Off White
    <3 Material: 70% Polyester 24% Rayon 6%Spandex
    <3  Available in Size Small Medium & Large 

    <3 Description: Lace-up ribbon tie eyelet button corset designed pants. 
    <3 Elastic band around the waist. 
    <3 Holds you in! 
    <3 Colors: Black and Off White
    <3 Content: 70% Polyester 24% Rayon 6%Spandex
    <3 Available in Size Small Medium & Large

    <3  <3<3 <3 MADE IN THE USA!<3<3<3

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